Joseph and the Famine

Genesis 47:13-27

The Torah details Joseph’s administrative work. As people come from across Egypt and Canaan to buy bread, Joseph amasses great wealth for Pharaoh. When the people run out of money for food, he accepts livestock as payment. When even that is diminished, he takes their land in payment, allowing them to continue living as serfs to Pharaoh. He resettles the residents of the land, with the exception of the priests, and distributes grain for the people to plant, demanding that they give Pharaoh one fifth of everything they grow in exchange for living off the land. The people are grateful to Pharaoh and to Joseph, for his actions save their lives. The portion closes with the statement that the Children of Israel settle in Goshen, gain wealth and multiply greatly.


Virtual Classroom Discussion

Why do you think Joseph resettles the residents across the country?

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  • A.the people that lived in Goshen must be moved to another part of the country.
    B. through selling to pharo their properties in exchange for food they had to reorganize the labor in the country.

  • If there is ever any administrative or type of contract , this passages shows the extraordinary talent of …………..

  • SueJean, thank you for that website address, it has very helpful to me. I think he settles them there because it is the most favorable climate for the sheep, given that Israelites were shepherds, and hence abominations to the Mitsrites (Egyptians). By settling at the extreme end of Mitsrayim (Egypt), they would avoid frequent contact with the Mitsrites. It is said that Goshen was at the Nile Delta which we find at the extreme end (northern Mitsrayim).

  • Historically, we see a massive power shift across the land of Mitzraim.
    This is an excellent documentary that shows just how deeply Egypt is affected by the actions of Yosef as he amasses all of the wealth of Egypt under the direct control of the Pharaoh. There is powerful evidence affirming the Biblical account that has been collected in this video collection. We learned a great deal from the archaeological evidence as well as the historical evidence that has been discovered.
    Yosef has a profound affect on the power structure of the government through Pharaoh by his actions.
    Baruch Hashem.

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