Rebecca Accepts

Nov 1, 2015

The servant asks the family if he may take Rebecca back to Israel to marry Isaac. Brother and father alike respond that they cannot stand in the way of God’s will, and she may go with him. When the servant asks to leave the next morning, however, her mother and brother ask that Rebecca be allowed to delay. When the servant insists, the family asks Rebecca what she prefers, and she chooses to leave immediately with the servant. She is accompanied by her childhood nurse and blessed at her departure by her family.


As they arrive in Hebron, the entourage encounters Isaac, who is returning from Beer-lahai-roi. When Rebecca sets eyes upon him, she is overwhelmed and falls from her camel, asking who he is. The servant tells her this is Isaac, and she veils herself. Once more the servant tells his tale, this time to Isaac. Isaac takes Rebecca as a wife, and is comforted after the loss of his mother.


Virtual Classroom Discussion

Upon discovering the identity of the man walking towards them, why do you think Rebecca veils herself from her intended husband?