God’s Kindness to Israel

Deuteronomy 32:1-14

The song of Moses begins by calling on the heavens and the earth to bear witness to the teachings within. Moses describes God’s greatness in detail. Unlike His children, God is not corrupt. He is perfect and His works are perfect. He is Father and Master to the universe, He created and formed the whole world.


Moses says the knowledge of God shall be passed from generation to generation, each bearing witness to the fact that God set the land of Israel for the Children of Israel, that He apportioned it according to the numbers of each tribe, that He cared for the Israelites and showered them with blessings.


The Israel Bible explains that while man’s life is fleeting, heaven and earth are eternal. It is for this reason that Moses chooses to call them as witnesses. It is fitting that they should attest to the fulfilment of God’s word, no matter how long it takes.


Virtual Classroom Discussion

Moses calls the Children of Israel “the lot of [God’s] inheritance”. What do you think that means?

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  • Damian Sco

    But God himself took charge of his people,
    took Jacob on as his personal concern.

  • Shlomenu Muendo

    the true Israel is those Jews who love God and they are the only thing God can inherit.

    The false Israel is those Jews who though born by Jacob they hate God they are the offspring of Satan they daily complained in the wilderness and they FORCED the true jews to complain both in the Assembly and in their loins,the unborn!

  • Litterally it is: “the rope of his inheritance” With a rope a piece of land was measured. The length of the rope was de measure of the plot of land. The greater the rope, the greater the land. So Ja’acov ‘s family is God’s inheritance. Ch.32:6 (2nd half)……. He is our Father. Everything we got from Him. So what we are and have is a gift of our Heavenly Father. He called us his son. So His inheritance we are. Normally children inherit from the father. But when we die what we did and leave behind comes back again in HaShem's possession. We are "His investment".

  • I agree with most of you. The lot of Yahweh's inheritance means Israel is Yahweh's people forever.

  • Sheila

    Thanks Madga for sharing about the ropes. Also thought that the inheritance implies both a spiritual and natural connection as the Lord had promised the land of Cannan to Abraham and his descendants. Both Moses and Joshua were directed by the Lord to divide the land among the tribes as an inheritance—-Num26:52,53.

    • So you’re suggesting that in a way, the Israelites are to God what the Land of Israel is to them — something with which He has a spiritual and natural connection.
      In addition to the aspect of passing an inheritance through the generations, there’s also a sense of sentimental value — one would not give away an heirloom, even if one received a newer version of the item. Perhaps that is what Moses is getting at in calling the Children of Israel “God’s inheritance”: He has a natural and spiritual connection to the people and He would not discard them, regardless of what happens or whatever “shiny new nations” come along…

  • Magda

    The Stone Edition Chumash commentary on this verse states the translation: “Jacob is the measure [lit.rope] of His inheritance. Ropes were used to measure a plot of land, so that the word ‘rope’ came to be synonymous with the plot itself (Ibn Ezra). Thus, Jacob’s family is God’s inheritance.
    A rope, twisted of many strands, is stronger than any of the individual strands. Therefore, the Patriarch Jacob is singled out as God’s ‘rope’, because he combined the strengths of Abraham and Isaac with his own. (Rashi)”
    This explanation of the actual meaning of ‘chevel’ as rope brings the meaning out beautifully. Maybe also because all of the Children of Israel is God’s inheritance and their strength lies in Shma’ing and honouring Him and His Torah together as a nation – a big strong rope.

    • Thank you for sharing Rashi’s beautiful exegesis, Magda. However, what do you think it means to be “the lot of God’s inheritance”? We usually think of an inheritance as something that is passed down from generation to generation. How can we apply this image to God’s relationship with the Children of Israel? Or is there some other aspect of inheritance that the metaphor is drawing upon?

    • The Stone addition is my favorite, I do like the explanation. I see it as the land was given by casting lots. It was never to leave the tribe it fell to. Isreal as the lot of HaShem will never be discarded, the land and the people belong to HaShem no-matter how many times the world tries to take them out of HaShem's hand. To physically destroy the people or the land it is HaShem and no one else can replace the Lot of HaShem.

  • Herman

    I think that Moshe meant God started His covenant. God made Himself (B”H)
    more or less dependent of what they would make of it. Adonai loves the people that’s why He bestowed so much blessings upon Jisrael. They are to make known His Rulership and Kingship.

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