‘When God Brings You into the Land…’

Deuteronomy 7:1-11

When the Israelites enter the land, Moses continues, they will find nations who have been living there for many years. Moses instructs the people to drive those nations out of the land without mercy, not to make treaties with them and not to intermarry with them, lest they influence the Children of Israel to stray from the service of God. Instead, they are to smash their idols and any signs of their foreign worship, thus eradicating any influence they might have.


Moses tells the people they were not chosen by God because they are a great nation, but rather because He loved them and swore to their forefathers that He would take them out of bonadge. As He has proven to be a faithful God, Moses entreats the people to remain faithful to Him, keeping His statutes and observing His commandments.


Virtual Classroom Discussion

Why do you think Moses spends so much time and energy warning the people against idol-worship?

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  • Don Mueller

    They were entering into that intimate relationship akin to marriage- becoming “one flesh”. It is termed “whoring” after other gods. They attribute His gifts (deliverance, care and protection) to things that have no power – idolatry. He is no longer First – in their thoughts, words, or deeds. Forgotten; we all do it all too easily, life is good and we forget where it came from.

  • Pauline Graham

    If the people were to follow Yehovah, they would gave to keep separate and apart from them. It's for their own safety and to be able to be relent on Yehovah alone.

  • This extended warning against idolatry comes forth from Moshe as prophet who sees what in the future will happen, and who wanted to direct his people to the love of HaShem WHO will be full of grace because of the oath He made to the patriarchs. Let the gratefulness arise that through the choise of HaShem the listeners of the speech of Moshe will realize how indebted they are in fact to Gd. The seven Canaanite nations were greater and stronger than Israel, but Israel would prevail.

  • I think it is because, having Yahweh as Yisrael's Elohim is a favour, a huge favour in the first place — not because Yisrael was big, but because Yahweh simply chose to love Yisrael. It would only be foolish to spurn what one has undeservedly received.

  • Diana Brown

    I agree with this comments and would add that meddling in other religions or listening to other prophets not of God is tempting one into idolatry. The problem is all idolatry is dark. Your idol can be parked in your garage, on the TV, in a political office, or someone you love and even care for. It can be your own image. A Holy God is wholly in you or He isn’t. What Moses was trying to tell us, is the Lord God is the only One to be worshiped. Everyone, place and thing in our lives are to be placed under His Will and Purposes. We give back to Him what He blesses us with and He partners in our reality. We can trust Him to work in all we give Him for our good and His Glory so all the nations will know that the Lord, He is God!

  • Jayne

    Idol worship incurs the wrath of God. The Israelites are to be a light to the nations in worshipping the one true God.

  • Kimberley

    “For you shall worship no other Elohim; for YHWH who’s name is jealouse, is a jealous Elohim”

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