Leviticus 26:3-13

God begins his blessings with the caveat, “If ye walk in My statutes, and keep My commandments, and do them” (Leviticus 26:3). He then promises to show great favor to the Children of Israel if they do, vowing rain in its season, bountiful produce, peace and prosperity, safety and fertility. The Israelites shall fear neither beast nor enemy, for God will be with them and dwell in his sanctuary among them.


As the Israel Bible points out, the land of Israel is highly dependent on rain, as it has no body of water large enough to serve as an independent water source for irrigation. Water is a great blessing, but too much or too little, too early or too late, can be a curse, too. Therefore, God blesses the people with rain in its time. This is called gishmay b’rakha in Hebrew in the book of Ezekiel (34:26), or ‘rains of blessing’.


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Why does God need to promise His people success against their enemies (26:7-8) if the previous verse says “neither shall the sword go through your land”?

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  • Teresa Kidwell

    God promised to bless the Israelites if they did not make idols, and when they followed His statutes and obeyed His commandments. The Lord God promised to protect the Israelites and give them victory over their enemies. God said that He would confirm His covenant with Israel.

    • Larry Chambless

      As all of know the most important thing is to love our G_d and by doing this He favors us. If we could keep this in mind we would be happy and taking care of. This is his First Commandment. And the Second is like the First love one another as ourselves.

  • Mathias Hendriks

    God thinks not in friends and enemies.
    all peoples are equal with a good and evil inside.
    The soul of all men and women are not only good
    or bad.
    Dayly every person makes other choises, sometimes good and sometimes evil ones in Gods eyes.
    Whe only have to understan what God want of us to do.
    He sent Jesus to eart to learn it in aa almost perfect way.
    Many other prophets aan peopes of rightioussness did an do it at this moment aswel in the future.The messiah is coming to His last works, nobody knows it because, no of us knows how we can reckognie Him and His works on earh.Every day we see them but nowe-one is saying that must direct come fro God or teh Messiah.
    So soon he will go back to the place weere He was coming from and no-one has used his mightiness to destroy all the evil on earth and repare hope for a real fututure.
    God was first.Before nothing and afterwards read Genisis paage one first sentences..God said ther must be light and light arrives His Creation was visibles for all who are be able to see.

    • Larry Chambless

      We are made in G_d image. Now we have sinned so we had evil in us but that wasn't from the start

  • Herman Arentsen

    If you walk "b'chuqotaj" (within HIS Rules) HaShem will look for you and confirm His Covenant with you. HE is the Giver of all good and of all blessings. HE will support you in strugling against the 'jetser hara' your "inner" enemies. HE is building a fence around you and goes before you. Enemies will think twice before they attack , seeing your peace and trust in G-d.

    • Larry Chambless

      Very true our part of this trip is to obey and keep following Him

  • Sheila

    Abundant blessings are faithfully promised to an obedient and holy people who are called v3 to follow My statues and faithfully keep and observe My commands. The heathen nations around might depend upon their military strength and resources but Israel had only the Lord to depend on and put their trust in as He was their shield and buckler. Yes, the Lord would fight for them —- v8 100 of you shall put 10,000to flight striking terror into the heart of their enemies and causing them to live in peace and safety.

  • Melinda

    That the Lord will protect their land from their enemies. Its a another blessing He is giving them. God needs to give His promises to us it become a convent then between Him and His people. Also since God can not lie His promises are something we can account on and trust He will follow through.

  • Diana Brown

    Behind every soul is a spirit influencing the decisions and actions of a human being. Before humanity was created, the spiritual world was already functioning.
    God had created ha satan who is a jealous, covetous spirit being, fallen from his place because iniquity was found in him. He became an enemy of the Most High God and His Covenant People.
    God loves us and wants to enable us to overcome all evil inclinations. This evil is our real enemy. If we don’t learn and obey God’s Instructions (Torah), we have nothing within us to defeat the enemies of our soul and God’s Purposes for His People on the earth.
    We warn our children of danger. God, our Father and God of our Fathers warns us out of love too. Blessings are what He wants for us, not curses. Proverbs 3 describes how important Torah is for us to know and live by.
    Torah is the line between life and death, peace and conflict, love and hate, and blessings and curses. Choose wisely for what you choose, you will live by or die by.

    • Danielle Reisman

      Diana, this evil inclination is called the “Yetzer HaRah”

      • Diana Brown

        Thank you.

  • Ken

    Verse 6 says “I will give… I will rid…”
    Verses 7-8 says “You will chase and defeat a far larger enemy”
    God is the provider of peace, security and victory in ALL things. But God expects His people to keep his Torah and be proactive in cleansing of the land. You must remove the idols and chase the enemies. Chasing a larger foe takes faith in the leader.
    Yet, the underlying reason that 5 can chase 100 and 100 chase 10,000 is not the mere weakness of the enemy nor the sheer strength of the pursuer, but it is God leading the fight to victory when Israel is careful in observing His commandments. Deuteronomy 11:22-23

    • Angela B

      I agree Ken, it is living a qodesh life that we are able to chase all the enemies in our lives; that is Yahweh's principle, but also it makes perfect sense. The proper analogy is light and darkness; where's there's light there's no darkness, on the other hand, where there's darkness, there's no darkness. So back to the question, the promise in Leviticus 26:7 & 8 is upon the condition given in Leviticus 26:3 which is "If you walk in My Laws and guard My commands, and shall do them…"

  • Magda

    According to Rashi; Sifra through the climaxing of the first blessings with peace in verse 6, Torah teaches that peace is equivalent to all the other blessings combined. I think that “neither shall the sword g0 through your land” means the enemy won’t be able to overtake the land and ransack it. The success promised against their enemies, however, is when they are attacked and would need to defend themselves. This is all provided “you follow My decrees and observe My commandments and perform them;”

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