The Portion of Va’era

Exodus 6:2-8:28

In this week’s portion, God reassures Moses that, despite the seemingly bleak outlook, all is going according to His plan. He then sends Moses back to Pharaoh to repeat His demands. The portion also outlines Moses’s genealogy and relates the account of the the first seven plagues.

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  • Vic shocinski

    Can you send me a free Israel Bible please to Vic Shocinski 2024 Washington Avenue N Minneapolis MN 55411,thank you very much

  • Beverly Bartlett

    Shalom Aleichem Ha MISHPACAH…HaShem ( G-D literally The Name) is very specific and Perfect in all that HE does! Ultimately HE will ALWAYS be GLORIFIED ! AMEN🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💟💞💝💖💕💞💞

  • I think here is a wrong question. You can’t discuss deeds of G-d. He is righteous above all. Putting things into discussion is a matter of unbelief. So the question: “Is this Fair?” calls for rebellion !!! The rest of the question is okay: about “the interference with the free will”.
    The hardening of the heart of Pharo was not something that interferered with his free will. There is a choice, always, until a certain point. The choice ever remains, but you cannot change yourself anymore into a repenting attitude. Your attitude more or less has become part of your will and change is blocked by it. Of course there are different things behind it, but this all asks for an extensive answer and a knowing of the human soul.

  • Just wanted to point out that the text states that Pharoah hardened his own heart for the first five plagues, and it is only after plague #6 that God hardens Pharaoh’s heart. Any thoughts on this matter?

    • Drew

      I cant read Hebrew so the transliteration is handy for me. Just noticed that the magicians v15 use the justice word for God (eloheem ) plus it,s an interesting term of phrase, the only other place i can think of similar is daniel 5 although the two tablets were Gods writing. Is it possible the magicians saw the finger?

    • Drew

      There is something to that. In some other texts often find, God gave them over to……..
      Almost as if, OK if thats how you want it here it is.

    • Kenneth

      Forgive me if I delve too deep.
      I find it interesting the use of two words for harden
      וַיִּכְבַּד and ַיְחַזֵּק
      וַיִּכְבַּד is used for stubborn and harden
      and ַיְחַזֵּק is used as a outcome of the first.
      We (Pharaoh) can be stubborn and refuse to see the truth and this can result in hardening the heart. God has given us a conscience. When we ignore our conscience by being stubborn, yellow flags are raised. If we go too far in our stubbornness then red flags are raised. Perhaps this is when God brings down harsher judgments to get full attention. Let us not be like Pharaoh.

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